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In a world ruled by vamps, being half fae and magicless sucks.

You know what’s even worse? Being sold into slavery by your own mother.

I am Onyx Logan, and my mother condemned me when she sent me to Nocturnal Academy. If I get lucky, the academy will mold me into a servant for rich vampires. If I’m not, I’ll become a courtesan.

But if the vamps think I’ll take this lying down like a good little bitch, they’re wrong. I don’t have the means to escape Nocturnal Academy, but I have my eyes set on someone who does.

Prince Preston Kallan, a handsome, pureblood fae teacher from the Summer Court, doesn’t know who I am yet, but he will soon. At least, that was the plan. Because, as it turns out, nothing goes the way I expect.

Wicked Nobles is the prequel to the Nocturnal Academy trilogy. Immerse yourself into a world filled with magic, danger, and romance.

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