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Born in Honolulu, Hawai'i, I never dreamed of all the places my life would take me. I started out as many girls do, wanting to be a ballet dancer. When I was 16, I attended Virginia School of the Arts with a major in dance.

When I returned to Hawai'i, my love of the stage spread to other aspects of performing like musical theater and magic. I performed in many different types of shows, and when I was 19, I moved to Las Vegas, NV to focus on perfoming magic.

While touring from place to place, I discovered audiobooks to pass the hours on the road, and quickly fell in love with them. I had always enjoyed reading and was quite a book worm, but this was a new experience entirely.

When I returned home, I got a home studio so that I too could be the voice in people's heads that transported them into another world.

Joan DuKore Audiobook Narrator
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