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Escaping the academy was just the beginning.

I’ve made it out of Nocturnal Academy. No longer do I exist to please the vamps. Now, as a member of the Winter Court, my job is to execute them. Yet my new standing as an assassin is not much better than being a courtesan. The rules of the game have changed, but I’m still a pawn. Worse, Thorsten, a handsome jerk of a vampire who has messed with my mind and feelings one too many times, is back. I left Nocturnal Academy, but my life and my heart are far from being safe. Enter a magical world where a half fae will fight for her voice to be heard! If you love Richelle Mead, Jaymin Eve, and Bella Forrest, you’ll love Nocturnal Academy. Savage Monarchs is the final book in the Nocturnal Academy series.

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