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A sadistic vamp lord. A rebellious fae. A vicious hunt.

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

The first term of Nocturnal Academy is over. Majors have been assigned. 

I’ve made choices that brought me closer to the guillotine. But the fight isn’t over, not yet. 

I must get through the spring term. Not an easy feat when the vamp students are planning a sacrifice and have a bone to pick with me. 

But even if I survive the prison academy, someone will be buying my contract after school is out, and rumor has it that the king of sadists is interested in me. 

Whatever he wants, he gets. 

But if he thinks I’ll go down without a fight, he has another thing coming. 

I’ll even ally myself with Thorsten, the vamp guard whose family the sadist has wronged. 

But working together with Thorsten brings new problems. The handsome jerk seems to hate me, yet keeps putting his head on the line for me. 

My mind is growing more and more confused with him while my body craves him. 

If I’m not careful, I’m going to leave Nocturnal Academy not just with a slavery contract, but also a broken heart. 

Dive into a world where vampires rule over fae, and one girl is determined to change it all! 

Vicious Royals is the second book in the Nocturnal Academy trilogy. 

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