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Joan Dukore portrays Maisie and family with the right amount of accent and craziness!
Fantastic audio and story!!

It was a fun listening experience and I enjoyed the spark that the narrator brought to her reading. Her voice was as cute as the novel she was narrating. 

-J. Augustine

Cover of Comedy Mystery audiobook
Joan Dukore was a great fit and did a great job nailing the story. Her voice matched the youthful, frenetic pace of the book, including capturing several eccentric personalities! An absolute riot.
The Real AudioSpy - Read the blog post here!
15 Minutes Cover.jpg
"Yessss! Finally the last book in this excellent series, and answers to many questions…and the ending will leave you speechless!

If you’ve followed the series, you know that Birmingham Police Deputy, Jess Harris, has been hunting serial killer, Eric Spears, aka The Player, since her time as an FBI profiler. Throughout the series, he has played a deadly game with Jess, one that she seems to be losing. Now Spears seems to be targeting Jess’s fiancé, suspended Police Chief, Dan Burnett through his ex wives…one has been murdered and Dan is the only person of interest…one has gone missing from her mental care facility. Can Jess and the team outsmart this genius killer? Where does Jess’s nosy neighbor fit into all of this? As mentioned before, the ending will leave you speechless…and maybe a bit grossed out…no spoilers…you’ll have to read/listen to find out!

Narrator did a great job with all of the characters and keeps you ‘in’ the story! Sad that this is the end!"

Reggie - Audible Review

Audiobook Thriller Novel
"Quippy, interesting and fun, this book deals with sitcom producer Tia and the stranglehold she has on trying to be in charge of all facets of her life. As the third book in the series, I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more if I’d read the other two. Nevertheless, I loved the fact that it dealt with real-life issues from a Christian point of view without bashing you over the head with it. Clean and with all of the characters best interests at heart, you cannot help but adore this happy ending.

The narration is well done, with a good variety of voices for the different characters.

All in all, 5 Stars!"

Mustloveal - Audible Review

Christian Romance Novel Audiobook
"Simply an amazing story of a woman who had been through a horribly abusive and scary life around the civil war era and then had the strength to try to change it by gambling on a mail order bride add. It shows how hard it is to learn to trust and feel safe after being through so much… can she? And will Max accept her and all the baggage she come with? It’s well written and clean historical romance with a Christian influence and one I could see as a Hallmark movie. The narration was great and I really enjoyed listening to it."

CuteAsADaisy - Audible Review

Mail Order Bride Clean Historical Romance
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