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Kieran thought she’d found the perfect way to disappear.

After months on the run, sneaking onto a luxury cruise liner wouldn’t be easy, but she’d done worse things to survive. The ship is owned by Roslyn Travel Co, the sole proprietor of a my

Book cover of Crooked Baby Blue

sterious vacation destination exclusively for the filthy rich. But in an attempt to acquire some spending money along the way, she robs the wrong person. Haughty, self-centered Sacha looked like the perfect target…

at first. But he’s not entirely as he seems. In fact, nothing on the ship is what she expected. With restaurants that serve food she’s never heard of and games that defy the laws of nature, she soon realizes that she might not know what she’s gotten herself into. And even if she wanted to disembark, she discovers that there are bigger threats waiting in the depths below. Kieran soon realizes that the ship might not be going where she thinks it is, and Sacha is the only person who can save her from a watery grave.


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