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  • Writer's pictureJoan DuKore

She’s one crime reporter who can hold her own with any man.

A smart lady in a tough business. But that’s okay—she means business....

Mystery usually follows murder, but when Baby Cakes Sloan bites the bullet, everybody in Rochester already knows whodunit. Beautiful Babs had been Marcus Andrelli’s lawyer—until she got iced on the crime king's yacht. Of course, all fingers of guilt point to Andrelli. But Jesse James smells something fishy. And she’s casting for the truth, even if she has to drag the bottom of Lake Ontario to get it. Nobody knows Andrelli better than Jess. Mafia don, certainly. Killer of the woman he loved, no. To solve the murder, Jess has got to find the one missing witness: Andrelli’s bodyguard. Reeling in this tall, dark, and eccentric man should be a cinch for a woman as street-smart as Jess. But fishing for a guy who’s as slippery as an eel lands her in a Mafia whirlpool—and enough hot water to drown a reporter with heels in cement.

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