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  • Writer's pictureJoan DuKore

She’s a tough crime reporter who’s seen it all. Or most of it, anyway, but go ahead - make her day..

Murder doesn’t set much colder than on the icy shores of Lake Ontario, where Jesse James is hot on the trail of a real estate scam that really has the feisty reporter steamed. This sleazy operation is behind a string of costly accidents - but it's no accident when Jesse wakes up, bandaged head to toe, in a hospital where everyone insists she’s Daphne Malcross, a young socialite with more connections and cash than common sense.

Letting people think Daphne’s alive and well doesn’t seem like a bad idea: Jesse can snag her story while digging up clues on the missing woman. She can give her sagging old VW a rest while tooling around in Daphne’s gorgeous Jag. Throw in a personal bodyguard, compliments of Rochester’s biggest Mafia kingpin, and you've got the kind of deal that a tough-talking, hard-drinking, and quick-thinking woman like Jesse can't pass up - until it's too late.

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